restoration project #1: kitchenette table & chairs.

Since temporarily migrating to Carbondale, Illinois, we’ve worked on several restoration projects.  To put it plainly, we love old things.  We love making old and random things usable while being creative in the process.  One of our first projects here was a small kitchenette table that would seat 2-4.

Now to give you a little history, before Greg quit his job last summer, he would bring boxes home from work for our big move from Baltimore.  One day he brought home a very large packaging tube made of very sturdy cardboard.  As soon as I saw it, my mind went racing with all the different things we could do with it.  In the end, we decided we would bring it with us to Carbondale and it would become our kitchen table there since we were SURE we wouldn’t be bringing our large farm house table for the short 10 month internship.  In order to make the table work, Greg would need to find a circular table top to place on top of the cardboard tube, and I needed to find random, but cool-looking eclectic chairs for the table.  All were accomplished within weeks of moving to Carbondale.

We found the table top at Lowe’s for pretty cheap ($24 at 50% off).  We also purchased 2 wobbly chairs from a local thrift store (4.99/piece), and 2 wobbly chairs from a local antique shop ($12/piece).  Our makeshift kitchen table and chairs were slowly coming together, but we still had lots to do to make them presentable and sustainable!  So we went to work.  We sanded the table top and stained it to the color we preferred.


71011Once the table top was completed, we worked on the chairs.  Greg, being the great restorer that he is (I think he gets it from his Father above), took apart the chairs piece by piece and put them back together with stronger nails.  Once they were pieced back together, he bound them with strong twine so that they could solidify before we used them as our dining chairs.IMGP1587IMGP1601IMGP1595IMGP1602IMGP1600

Reupholstered 2 of the chairs with neat fabrics because they were falling apart.  We also put fabric on the cardboard tubing.  The overall finished product looks like this.IMGP1564IMGP1567IMGP1568

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  1. SUSAN! this is fabulous! I am so impressed! I love projects like these. I have a few on my to-do list too. And CONGRATS on the baby!!!!! Wow! I am so excited for you! Blessings to you, friend!

    PS -I wore the indian outfit you sent me to some shindigs in Arkansas last weekend (friend’s wedding at our old college) and everyone went nuts over it. It was an internationally-minded crowd that really appreciates authentic ethnic things (we had a goat roast for a rehearsal dinner for crying out loud!). 🙂


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