the hannah nightgown.

I’ve recently been getting into garment construction.  I think it would be awesome if I eventually came to the point where I could design and construct my children’s clothes.  I love kids clothes that are fun and whimsical, and sometimes even representative of days of old.  And I don’t mean bonnets and frilly dresses and such, but more the sheer white viole cotton tops for picnics and comfy striped bloomers for racing.  : )

My little cousin, Hannah, celebrated her birthday recently and I mailed her a homemade gift that I worked on with Jan — a knee length summer cotton nightgown with fluttery cap sleeves.  It was turquoise in color with brown polka dots and antique brown metal buttons.  Perfect for those warm summer nights under the covers.


suhan[photo above] Susan + Hannah in tea fields. Niligiri Hills, India. Summer 2005.

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