the yohan blanket.


Greg and I just got back from Enoch and Tina’s place.  This past Friday they had a little baby boy, and they named him Yohan.  Tina is American, and Enoch is Indian, so it was really exciting for Greg and I to see this little one — it gave us a little picture of what our little one may look like.  I can truly say that of all the pregnant people I’ve ever known, Tina’s pregnancy seemed the most real to me.  We both have similar marriage stories — we both had to wait on God for an extended period of time before we married our fabulous Jesus-loving husbands.  We both are similar in our need to organize and clean, clean, clean!  We both are instilled with the need to nest.  Our pregnancies overlapped a couple months.  And the list goes on and on.  I am so blessed that I got the opportunity to meet someone like her here in Carbondale.  I know we will be life long friends in the years to come.


The moment I heard she went into labor on Friday, tears streamed down my face for her.  I don’t know what it was, but I know that moment felt so real for me.  In the end, we got the prayer chain going (200+ people praying for her), she had a blessed three hour delivery, and finally, what we all have been waiting for 9 months, a beautiful baby boy.


Before Yohan was born, a group of us girls got together to crochet him a blanket.  There were 12 of us who each made 6×6 blocks for the blanket.

Now I’m not at all about babyish types of gifts like blue blankets and pink bibs.  I think you can give a classy baby gift without it being very “baby.”  I personally think they are more classy and timeless.  In light of all that, I decided we should go with an earthy green theme for Yohan’s blanket.  So everyone chose a different type and variation of green yarn.  And behold the finished blanket.

blanketblanket2blanket3blanket4[photos above] baby blanket for Yohan.

[stitch technique: double stitch crochet. twenty-five 6×6 squares with 1.5 inch border.]

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  1. again, your creativity just awes me. If I have another one, can i pay you to make me a blanket like this????? LOVE IT!


  2. good stuff susan…the blanket looks beautiful…the story behind it makes it all the more meaningful…k:-)


  3. Darling blanket and even more darling baby. And I think your baby will have your eyes. Twinkly twinkly.


  4. […] of weeks back.  These gals thought it would be a neat idea to utilize the left-over yarn from Yohan’s blanket to crochet me a baby blanket!  Awesomeness!  I loved Yohan’s blanket, and now I get […]


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