The Shawnee Pregnancy Center gives free ultrasounds, so we went there yesterday to take advantage of seeing our little one again…(the last time we saw the baby was about 4 weeks ago).  They made Greg wait in the waiting room, while they set me up on the doctor’s bench and found the baby with their special baby finding machine.  The nurse showed me the outline of the baby, however it wasn’t very clear to me because there was no movement.

But once Greg came in, it was very obvious, because the baby began stretching and moving his/her arms and legs all about.  I guess the sound of Greg’s voice made him/her excited.  It was a really surreal moment for both of us…we could only laugh and stare and laugh some more…

Baby Smith measured just over an inch, and had a good fast heartbeat of 166 bpm.  Good stuff.  Thank you Jesus.


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  1. thanks poochy!! and i love you and yours too!!


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