baby yohan.

I had a little photo session today with Baby Yohan and the parents.  This is a first time for me when it comes to photographing infants.  Yohan was a very pleasant subject for being such a little one — three weeks old.  My favorite part was wrapping him in cheese cloth.  Oh, the things you can do to babies for the sake of photography!  So cute!

Picnik collage


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  1. very cool…the first one is precious…I’m a little concerned about the positioning of the second looks as though the baby is deep in the basket with his feet propped over the edges! 🙂 don’t worry, I know you’ve got the blankets piled!


  2. love, love, love these….these are really good…see you in three days!


  3. Tina and Enoch Congratulations ………………Wow he is soooooooo Adorable …….


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