end-time practical living.

We recently had an inland hurricane and tornado visit Southern Illinois.  It’s never happened before.  The whole ordeal was pretty disasterous — bringing down huge old trees, damaging property, and cutting the whole town’s power supply for at least a week.  Now when you are out of electricity, and your stove-top and microwave run off of electricity, you have to be creative with what you have in-house in order to eat a decent meal.  The following is something Greg rigged up.  We cooked baked beans on an oven rack, held up by 4 drinking glasses, and lit by 2 candles.  I think it’s a pretty great idea, especially if you need ideas for end-time living.


So the following photo displays what happens when you do have electricity, but you break your coffee karafe!  Glass jam jars work excellently.  It only makes one cup of coffee now, but oh well, at least there’s coffee!  Ingenious!


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  1. Wonderful, very romantic way to make coffee by candle light! We also do solar cooking in India.


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