the tina quilt.

So we’re back, safe and sound, in Maryland.  So much to do organization-wise.  I feel like everything I own is in one mumble-jumbled mess in the basement.  This summer will be the time to organize to my heart’s content.  Maybe I’ll get rid of stuff.  Maybe I’ll even have a garage sale.  I’ve never had one of those, but they seem like a nice way to get the neighbors out and about.

Before Tina’s baby was born, Tina and I went to Hobby Lobby for a little gal’s outing.  (Sidenote: I absolutely LOVE Hobby Lobby!!!  I wish we had one here on the east coast!  It’s incredible because it has everything you could imagine related to all things crafty ALL under one roof.)  So while in the store, I surprised Tina with the idea for my baby shower gift to her — a baby quilt.  So we spent the afternoon picking out fabrics that we liked for her little baby boy.  And so, that is what inspired the Tina Quilt…


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  1. oh my goodness…… i love love love this quilt! the colors, the patterns, the pattern of the quilt.. love it. did you follow a patter for the quilt design? LOVE it!


  2. Gifty the Great :) July 7, 2009 at 10:06 pm

    hey why dont you pick out some fabrics from your quilting storehouse in the basement and lend me your sowing machine

    id like to make the queen smith quilt


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