brown paper + twine.

My bestest friend, Gifty, sent a package with my sister the other day.  I just love packages like these.  They remind me of men on horseback riding through wind, hail, and storm, to get an important letter to some person who lives in a log-cabin across the country.  It was such a fantastic package…I just knew something really good would be in it.  It looked like it could hold a very cute little cake.  But, it was actually much, much better than even a very cute little cake.


IMGP2191 IMGP2195IMGP2192IMGP2194IMGP2249IMGP2246I love packages wrapped in brown and tied with twine.  I love ethnic baby stuff.  I love hand-written letters.  Hmmm…this was a good day.  Thanks Gift, you are the bestest, love you lots.  ; )

In other news, happy anniversary to my parents, Raju + Valsa (aka Alex + Mary), who celebrated their 29th wedding anniversary today!  Thank you both so much for your godly example and your diligence to follow Christ at all costs.  And moreover, thank you for not compromising in rearing your wonderful and obedient children.  : )  No, really, in all seriousness, your walk with Christ is what influenced us and made us different from the rest of the world.  You gave us Jesus in the normal, everyday life.  And for this I wouldn’t trade you for any other parents in the world.  I love you both very much.


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  1. Gifty the Great :) July 7, 2009 at 9:57 pm

    hand written letters are to be kept private till post-death
    then you can compile them


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