baby smith handmade.

So now that I’m home and have tons of time on my hands until Baby Smith makes his/her arrival, I thought it would be cool to work on 9 handmade baby projects for the 9 months of pregnancy.  Consider it 9 unique gifts to Baby Smith from Mama Smith.  To name a few ideas… baby sweaters (delicate homespun cardigans in browns and naturals), vintage-styled quilts, whimsical clothes, organic blankets made on a hand loom, colorful bibs, stuffed animals from my imagination, and peculiar cloth shoes.

A part of me does not want our children to know that clothing stores and toy stores exist.  That way, they have to wear and play with what I make them.  It makes life easier because there are less options to choose from.  I think it also enables kids to think for themselves and design and create at an earlier age because they end up making their own toy creations and inventions.  Not to mention that it also makes life more interesting.  I’ve always wanted to churn my own butter…maybe someday I will.  : )

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  1. you seriously inspire me like crazy… i have been wanting to sew, quilt, create, and just haven’t gotten organized enough to make the time for it…. but i have started buying only wooden and vintagy, long lasting toys for the most part. if we have another kid, i am going as much handmade (by me or others) and QUALITY as possible. how about you just start a store by then and i can buy it all from you???


  2. what an awesome idea!!

    BTW have you heard of ?? are you on there already?


  3. Your blog is an inspiration for blog reader. Nice blog


  4. Gifty the Great :) July 7, 2009 at 10:03 pm

    as long as you dont stifle your child’s creativity
    you will be fine
    let them have some autonomy or they will rebel in the future

    from my family life seminar notes


  5. […] 21, 2009 in baby, baby smith, quilting I’ve been meaning to post photos of Baby Smith Handmade projects, but got so wrapped up in preparing for baby, that I’ve not had time to put the […]


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