yard sales.

Greg and I visited around eight yard sales on Saturday.  It was such a sun-shiney day that there were plenty of them to choose from on almost every other corner.  We were on the hunt for a lawnmower.  We didn’t find a mower, but I did find these fantastic pottery mugs.  They were priced at $1/piece, but we only had a total of $2 on us.  I was going to just purchase 2 mugs, but Greg said I should ask the elderly man for all 6.  So I asked the man if he would do 6 mugs for $2 — he said, “yeah, why not?”

These pretty little mugs remind me of Holland for some reason.  They remind me of the time Ohio Becky went to Holland when I was a kid, and she brought me back a little porcelain clog with blue design work.  The beautiful blue design work is so typical of Hollish designs on dinnerware, jewelery, and artwork.

Love them.


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  1. Gifty the Great :) July 7, 2009 at 9:55 pm

    these mugs look nice and amish


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