patchwork quilt.

I’ve been, oh, so patiently waiting for this Pottery Barn quilt to go on sale!  It’s such a darling quilt.  I came across it while Ohio Becky was showing me the firefly quilt she got for her own daughters.  The hodgepodge of vintage colors and designs are what I like best in quilts.  It’s simple, but still quite detailed in it’s quilting.  It’s the kind of quilt I’m always drawn to in antique stores.  “This quilt is a modern take on the ancient wedding-ring quilt pattern, originally created in the fourth century, which features two interlocking rings and is known for its romantic connotation.”

While it was originally created for a wedding quilt design, it’s the kind of quilt that reminds me of family — mothers or grandmothers quilting for their children or grandchildren.  Sometimes this sort of quilt reminds me of The Underground Railroad.  Other times it reminds me of a quaint old house far out in the country surrounded by gardens, ancient trees, and an old iron-wrought fence.  Or, it could be that this quilt was designed for fall nights under the covers, drinking freshly simmered hot apple cider and reading tales of how Mrs. Pigglewiggle deals with naughty children.  It’s the kind of quilt I’d like to make history with my children.  : )


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  1. Susan! Hey. This is nikita, I met you when I visited Hannah and Jeremy in Maryland. Well I really like your blog, and i think I’m gonna speed some time just reading it.



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