superhero material.

anna3anna2This little one, called Anna Sue, is what you would call superhero material.  She could probably talk a robber out of thievery, or a bandit out of banditry.  She’s one of a kind — full of wit, spirit, and has a knack for baking cakes (so her Betty Aunty says…).  I think Anna should have her own tv show of some adventurous chatty baking sort.  Kinda like Dora the Explorer, but instead, Anna, Ace Adventurer & Baking Extroardinaire.

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  1. Betty Arthungal July 14, 2009 at 9:54 pm

    Susan -your pictures are breath-taking, even if I am a biased Aunty, I am just blown away by your talent to capture such poignant images. Love, BC


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