smith babies.

The husband and I went to the beach this past weekend to see our wonderful family, and because we needed a break from all the hustle + bustle of being east coasters.  We stayed at Greg’s parents’ airy beach home, which is practically on the beach — a 10 minute walk to the beach to be exact.  The gals did some fabric shopping at a nearby quilt shop, and we also did some antiquing, where I picked up 2 really neat fruit crates to put all my fabrics in. 

We also got into baby mode and began looking at childhood photos of Greg and Beth.  Some of the shots were so good that I had to get a copy of them to frame some day when I come across the right frames.  Greg’s mom used an SLR to capture these great photos.  Today’s digital SLR’s don’t even compare to the richness and depth found in these photos.  Photography by my mother-in-law, Sandy Smith.


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  1. poor gregor…waiting for his lollipop that the other little kid stole (scenario 1). or contemplating his next game of jax after losing the first match (scenario 2).


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