the “ings” about me this day.

Making: a baby quilt out of indian fabrics
Cooking: up baby smith handmade projects
Drinking: chocolate soy milk
Reading: Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth
Wanting: a Sundance four poster bed
Looking: for muslin baby bath towels…I hate the terry cloth ones 
Playing: with the idea of going with a natural childbirth
Wasting: time when I could be sewing
Sewing: handmade baby bibs
Wishing: for my own custom clothing labels
Enjoying: the cool, cool weather that September always brings
Waiting: for some organic baby kimonos to go on sale 
Wondering: about who my baby will look like
Loving: clean, fresh openweave cotton
Hoping: for a quick labor & delivery
Marvelling: at the kicking I feel going on in my belly
Smelling: coolness in the air
Wearing: my Indian housecoat
Following: the progress of my baby’s growth in a wonderful book called, “The Pregnancy Journal”
Noticing: the cool weather every morning this week (+ so loving it!)
Knowing: she’ll be here before I know it
Thinking: about ways to make her cozy 
Bookmarking: my favorite creative blogs
Opening: the box of wonderful cotton baby blankets I ordered
Giggling: with Greg on top of a quilt
Feeling: tired but happy
Needing: more of Jesus 
Liking: the idea of our little family

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  1. Miss Susy Smith, you’re silly amiga! 🙂 Funny things you’re thinking about…

    Sandra V. 😉


  2. love this post!
    happy “ing”….


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