vintage nightgowns.

I have this thing for vintage styled nightgowns.

I guess you could call me a nightgown kinda gal — but not just any sort of nightgown!  Oh no!  I just love the kinds that remind me of old farm houses or large victorian homes.  The wonderfully cozy and romantic cotton canterbury kinds with the hint of lace at the cuffs and neckline.  During my college years I went to town purchasing them.  I’m sure glad I did, because I now have a dozen or so of these nostaligic beauties in various styles and cuts.  And they are the best during pregnancy!

A few years ago, my dear cousin, Betty Chachi, gifted me with a beautiful cotton, vintage styled nightgown from Garnet Hill.  I believe it was for my birthday.  I absoloutley love it!  (It’s just so dandy when people know exactly what you would have chosen!)  But, I think it may be more that Betty Chachi and I could be kindred spirits of some sort.  Maybe those years of her reading books to me rubbed a little of her onto me (and I’m sure glad it did!).  I fondly remember being read books like Mrs. Pigglewiggle, and Anne of Green Gables.  Oh, and the letters she would write me with her, oh, so elegant penmanship.  She would draw too.  She would draw ladies with sun hats and vintage dresses.  I still have those letters and drawings.

Anyway I digress.  The nightgown she got me below is so scrumptiously comfy, I could walk around my house all day in it.  It’s made of a clean white organic cotton, and crafted in Denmark.  I wonder where I can find pretty little white nightgowns for my girly?  If all else fails, I can always make them.  ; )

IMGP3693IMGP3692[white vintage-styled nightgown, from Garnet Hill.]

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  1. Bec told me that you wrote about the nightgown so I had to come see if you really had! What an honor for my humble gift, Im glad to see it is holding up so well! Of course we are kindred spirits, ever since you were a little toddler with twinkly eyes and the most enchanting smile I have ever seen in a child. I remember I couldnt wait for you to be born that winter and here we are waiting for your little girl to be born this winter! It is sooo exciting and heart-warming, I love to think about her. Well, I am bookmarking this page so I can check it much more often, it is a beautiful blog. xxxooo to you and Greg. -BC


  2. Really nice posts. I will be checking back here regularly.


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