the business of being born.

bornLast night Greg and I watched “The Business of Being Born.”  We were deeply impacted by the information shared in this documentary of hospital births versus home births.  Here’s the trailer.  It’s really a must see for parents-to-be, or anyone who plans on having children in the future.  We really appreciated the information that was shared through the various doctors, midwives and pregnant moms in the film.  However, if you do plan on watching this film, be prepared for the nudity of the labors and some profanity. 

The following is a statement from the Director of the film:  “When my friend Ricki Lake approached me about making this film, I admitted to her that I was afraid to even witness a woman giving birth, let alone film one.  I had never pronounced the word “midwifery” and I thought Ricki insane, as she planned the birth of her second child, for passing up an epidural in a hospital delivery.

But as I did the research, I discovered that the business of being born is another infuriating way medical traditions and institutions – hospitals and insurance companies – actually discourage choice and even infringe on parents’ intimate rites, ultimately obstructing the powerful natural connection between mother and newborn child.

As I began to shoot the film, I saw that nowhere does the tension between technology and nature play out more dramatically than birth.  The film became an unexpectedly personal journey when I hesitantly turned the camera on my own pregnancy and became my own subject.  Initially making choices based on faith and intuition, I had to contend firsthand with all the issues and politics I had been exploring from a comfortable distance, until my choices were put to the ultimate test.  The birth of my child and this film will remain forever intertwined, and both continue to surprise and thrill me every day.”

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