In just six days, Greg and I will have been married for 2 whole years!  To us, that is unbelievable.  This weekend we will be taking a 4 day vacation in the Point Mountains, WV, and staying in an eco-friendly cabin that has a brick bread warming oven and a Swedish green system.  Our plan?  Just to sit, relax, enjoy each other, and bake bread.  That’s how we do.  I’ve been planning our meals, since we’ll be cooking all our own meals in the cabin — which I think is more fun than going out.

When Greg and I went honeymooning in Portugal, we cooked alot of our own meals.  We would walk the dusty roads to the grocery store and purchase items to make soups, sandwiches, and other tasty meals using Portuguese goods.  One of the foods I absolutely loved was their plain yogurt.  You may wonder why plain yogurt?  Well, I had never tasted anything like it in the US.  Plain yogurt in the US is bland and watery and not good.  Plain yogurt in Portugal was creamy, slightly sweet, and came in small, homey glass jars.  We would eat them with tiny metal spoons we found in our resort apartment — the tiny-ness of the spoons made the yogurt last longer.  It made me sad to think that I wouldn’t get plain yogurt like this back home.

But give it a little time, and things do start to look up.  One day my mom comes home from the grocery store and tells me to try this new greek yogurt she heard about.  It’s called FAGE.  One bite and I was hooked.  It reminded me of the yogurt in Portgual.  FAGE comes in different flavors, but the plain is good for me.  It’s a tad bit pricey at around $1.75 per individual container, but it is oh so worth it!  Especially during pregnancy, when an abundance of protein is a must.  The average yogurt has about 5 grams of protein.  FAGE has 17 grams of protein.  A favorite snack of mine these days is a FAGE yogurt with a dash of raw sugar or honey and a handful of whole grapes mixed in.  So very yummy.  A close second to FAGE yogurt is Chobani yogurt.  It doesn’t have the custardy goodness of FAGE, but it’s still good, and it’s cheaper.

FAGE — it’s “ridiculously thick yogurt”, and it’s got my approval.


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  1. i tried tht yougurt before it was great…i would eat all the time. but my familiy always buy this yougurt called Desi..have u heard of it?


  2. I’m going to steal one of those from the fridge one of these days since you’ve been hyping them up and I see you chowing down on them with the grapes. looks like a good combination. don’t worry, I’ll restock your collection, although you seem to never be running out 🙂


  3. susan,
    i love Fage – so very rich, smooth, and yet full of depth that it’s hard to believe one is eating yogurt…we also like a local brand for everyday use called Nancy’s – not sure if it is there in the east coast though…btw, have you tried making your own yogurt?? Experiment around with it a bit (in terms of types of milk you use, how long you leave it outside before putting it in the refrigerator, etc) and you can create yogurt that suits your taste buds – plus it’s a good way to make sure that you don’t throw away milk that might be getting close to its expiry date…kesi


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