2 years!


It’s crazy to think that we’ve known each other for close to 7 years now.  But today, Greg and I celebrate 2 years of marriage (actually it was around this time, 3 PM, that our wedding ceremony began).  It’s simply amazing when you get the chance to live your life with your bestest friend.  Greg has been the utmost most special blessing in my life.  His desire for God is so appealing to me.  His prayers for his baby girl every morning are the sweetest things (he speaks right into my belly).  His ability to carry himself in completely different circles really rocks my socks off.  His love for me is special beyond anything else I’ve ever experienced (except for God’s love of course!).  We feel like kids when we’re around each other.  We speak in funny voices when no one is around.  We have our own special sign language when no one is looking.  Oh God, I love this man so much.   

To celebrate our anniversary we whisked ourselves away to a cabin on Point Mountain in West Virginia.  There we rested, cooked good food, prayed together, built fires and stayed toasty, and lastly, conducted a little pregnancy photoshoot of my ever growing 33 week belly.  To all those who persistently asked, enjoy.

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  1. these pics are awesome! you both look great.


  2. I love you susie! These have been 2 amazingly great years. You are a blessing sent from heaven.


  3. congrats to the both of you on the anniversary:-). i really like the third photo (of you sitting and Greg standing).


  4. You guys look great!!! I hit 38.5 weeks over here 🙂


  5. happy anniversary again! and love your boots 🙂


  6. Betty (Arthungal) November 16, 2009 at 1:46 am

    enjoyed these pics, since i cant see you in person! My first impression: You look like authentic Ohio farm folk! Second impression: whats with the sober India-style expressions, but I can see the mirth and merriment in those eyes, even if you arent smiling! ; ) Hard to believe its been 2 years, God bless you! Love, Betty
    ps. that is some hip maternity chic! april cornell vintage couture with sundance footwear?


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