cloth diapering: prefolds + washing.

I am currently in the process of washing baby clothes.  Greg smiled at me the other day as I was folding them and said, “you are really enjoying this, aren’t you?”  I can honestly say that I am.  : )

I started on the cloth diapers today.  The cloth diapers get their own load because they are best washed with detergents that are free of enzymes, fabric softner, brightners, scents and dyes.  After doing much research, I chose to go with a Canadian brand detergent called Country Save.  It’s supposedly awesome for maintaining long lasting cloth diapers.  Thanks Cynthia for your really helpful link on recommended detergents for cloth diapering!!!  

As for my cloth diapering choice (there are many to choose from!), we are going simple with the prefold + diaper cover system.  I purchased 3 dozen unbleached, infant sized, Indian prefolds from a company in Vermont called, Green Mountain Diapers.  I found them to have quality goods and at an afforable price at 1 dozen prefolds for $21.00.  We also purchased 6 gDiaper  covers for our choice of covers (there are so many cover options as well, but we found a great deal on the gDiaper covers).

Brand new Indian prefolds have to be washed 4-6 times before they can be used.  They are on their 3rd round right now.  Two more to go!

[Indian newborn prefolds, from Green Mountain Diapers + Canadian brand detergent Country Save, from Amazon.]

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  1. omg, you are wasting so much water right now. lol, j/k. it’s for my niece, so I forgive you.



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