svan high chair.

As some of you know from a previous post, we’ve been on the lookout for a high chair.  Specifically the scandinavian svan high chair.  Regularly priced — it is totally out of our price range.  But craigslist priced, we can so do.  And that we did!   

I just picked up a svan for less than half the price!  The neat thing about this high chair is that you get a lifetime of use out of it.  It transitions from a baby high chair, to a toddler high chair, to a regular chair for an adult.  Talk about efficient. 

Talk about trusting too.  The lady who sold the high chair to me had something unexpectedly come up, so she could not be home when I came by for the high chair.  But she called me up and said that she would leave the high chair in front of her garage, and that I could leave the money in a cooler located near her front foor.  I was very surprised by her level of trust.  Very few people like that nowadays.

Below is a tutorial as to how the svan high chair works:

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  1. What in the world?! How does that little thing turn into an adult seat? I would not trust anyone of us sitting on that! lol. I’m even surprised this baby in the magazine is sitting on it based on what I see now here in our kitchen!


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