Greg’s parents gifted Baby Girl Smith with a very thoughtful present — a beautiful armoire.  They wanted to give her something she could grow with and take with her when she leaves our home for a home of her own.  This armoire is truly fantastic.  We came across it in a neat store in downtown Baltimore.

It is an antique piece from the British/Indian rule.  The owner of the store, a humanitarian lawyer, purchased it from Rajasthan in North India and says that the armoire is about 110 years old.  Made from teak wood and about 7 feet tall — this is a true wardobe in every sense of the word — it was such a beast to get home (so very heavy)!  It reminds me of the armoire/wardrobe in the Chronicles of Narnia — just not as deep.  : )  Thanks Dad and Mom for such a precious gift — we’re pretty sure it will be a very special piece for Baby Smith all her life!

[antique Indian wardrobe, from A People United + painted Moroccan doorknob, from Anthropologie.]

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  1. wow, that is gorg! i love it! and love the colors of the filled shelves! 🙂


  2. once again, this goes to show, this baby will be a better dresser than you and I both. look at all those clothes she has!!! she has more than you and I combined!


  3. its beautiful!! and the clothes are amazing 😉


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