This post is specifically intended for Aunt Jenny who says that the name, Dhara Avonlea, could never end up being a corporate lawyer or doctor or engineer type, but rather a tree hugging, organic/nature loving, eco-friendly, think “green” type of gal.  Interesting that we have just the right outfit and acorned hat to go along with her treehugging ways…  Who wants to be a lawyer anyway?  (Just kidding, Jenny.)  : )

[organic cotton clover crib sheets, from Kate Quinn Organics + oak tree tapestry, from Ten Thousand Villages.] 

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  1. that’s awesome! have you started reading out loud to her yet from “anne of green gables?”

    can’t wait to see my treehugging niece again!


  2. Wow, your daughter is absolutely beautiful.


  3. wowwww, BUST, in yo face JENNAYYYY 🙂
    lol, sike sike. Dhara Avonlea STILL loves you. maybe someday you both can go hug trees together.


  4. hahah i just commented on this – but under the previous post!, so here it is: maybe she’ll be an environmental rights lawyer ! but there’s a lot of time before then, glad to hear she’s doing well, i love these pics and i hope you three are having a wonderful time getting to know each other!! 🙂 and becky, stop stalking the blog and do your homework!!


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