3 weeks old.

Her eye color remains a dark brown, while her jet black hair is slowly turning brown.  She’s a funny one, this Dhara.  She sleeps with her eyes open so she can watch if you put her down.  A smart little cookie indeed.  She wakes right up so we have to start the sleep dance all over again.  Before taking these pictures, she tricked me twice!  So we got Aunt Zuma to do her aunt thing and get this baby down for a nap so the photo hungry mommy could get her fill. 

[red ruffle cardigan sweater, from Gap + floral cotton dress, from FabIndia.] 

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  1. I was more nervous than she was, being the positioner! it’s not easy balancing a sleeping baby on a pillow in the middle of a table, who frequently jerks during her sleep! oh the PAIN aunty zuma goes through! 🙂


  2. love it. sweet darling, dhara.


  3. so sweet. love the red. love the baby.

    sumo aunty needs to start a blog of her own. the adventures of being a sumo aunty.


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