dharacakes outtakes – take 1.

We always have a good time trying to decipher what Dhara is thinking in that baby mind of hers.  We know it’s more than just, “I’m hungry”, or “I’m tired”, or “I need a diaper change.”  This girl has got deep thoughts, and the world needs to know.  Below are some fun little outtakes we came up with.  Josh, Greg and I had a little too much fun with this…  [Note:  Most of these outtakes are funnier if you read them with an English accent.  At least that’s what we did.] 

Another funny option for this second one would be, [angry ghetto accent] “hold me back zuma!”

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  1. no words can describe my thoughts about you guys at this moment. you guys are TOO MUCH! 🙂


  2. waves to dhara
    and 🙂 at the outtakes


  3. You guys are having TOO much fun with Dhara


  4. delicious pictures!


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