1 month old.

Today she is officially 1 month old.  We have a one month old!  Crazy.

She had her first outing yesterday.  We took her to church.  We thought that church would be the most appropriate place to go for the first outing ever.  It’s a strong desire of ours that our children know the importance of living a life for God.  That He comes first and everything else after Him.  So we also dedicated her at church yesterday.  And her great-grandfather got to do the honors.  What a blessing to have a great grandfather!  What a blessing to have such a godly heritage!

It’s kind of amusing because we tried to do everything in our power to have her asleep during the dedication, but she decided she wanted to be awake and let out a cry during the prayer.  Afterwards she went right to sleep!  Guess she wanted to make a statement on her first day out.  I’m not sure if she gets that from her dad or me?  : )

[teal kurta on fine young man, from FabIndia + vintage inspired petticoat dress, from Comfy Kid + covered button felt hair clip, from jellabee jr.]

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  1. I showed this post to Papa tonight — he got all teary eyed and throaty like he always does when he gets emotional 🙂


  2. It is definitely a blessing!


  3. sweet baby girl


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