flower child.

Our little flower child started smiling on her own this week — this week being her 5th week of life.  It’s either a darling smile at the ceiling fan, or a knowing smile and a little coo when we talk to her.  She obviously thinks we’re very funny.  It’s so darn nice to know that she knows us.  Involuntarily she smiles when she’s dreaming.  And she’s got the cutest dream smile dimples — makes you just want to eat her up!  Aunty Zuma got this photo of a little smile right before she let out a great big wail. 

[felted flower headband, from Pink + Pigtails + vintage inspired petticoat dress, from Comfy Kid + blue floral quilt, from Sundance.]

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  1. Susan – She is a beautiful! What a sweetheart!!! Can’t wait to meet her in person.


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