Many have asked, “Is that a bindi (“Indian dot”) on Dhara’s forehead?”  I’d like to answer that question, for those of you who are wondering, with a confident, “no.”  We did not put a bindi on her forehead; rather, God put a birthmark in that exact spot.  Funny.  We’re not exactly sure why, but we’re pretty sure He has a good and valid reason.  On the bright side, it allows my halfsy of a baby to sport the whole ethnic bohemian look.  : ) 

That is, unless it gets bigger — which these birthmarks are prone to do.  We pray that it doesn’t.  This specific birthmark Dhara has is called a “strawberry hemangioma.”  It’s called that because it looks like a strawberry.  Hers is actually the shape of a strawberry.  As a mom, I was initially worried that this birthmark is located on her face — and an obvious one at that.  However, 1) she looks like an Indian baby wearing a bindi, and 2) strawberry hemangiomas usually disappear by age 3.

What is a strawberry hemangioma?  “Hemangiomas are harmless growths that are the result of rapidly dividing cells of the blood vessel walls.  They appear shortly after birth and grow rapidly during the first year of life.  They usually resolve on their own over the next few years.  Hemangiomas can be many different colors, depending on where they are located.  Superficial hemangiomas (also known as strawberry hemangiomas, due to their red color) are located in the top layer of skin.  Hemangiomas affect about 10% of infants, and the risk is about 5 times higher in females than males.  White infants and light skinned infants are at an increased risk for hemangiomas.”

So in the meantime, until her strawberry goes away, I have a beautiful, strawberry bindi wearing baby.  What a little sweetheart.

[peacock blue shawl collared cardigan sweater, from Susie Mey + yarn, from Manos del Urugu’ay.]

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  1. jude had one of those on his back. all gone now. and i do like the mama-made sweater she’s sporting. very nice.


  2. i think her own personal strawberry temp tattoo is cute!! and so is her mommy-made handmade sweater!


  3. holy cow, how providentially cute that God gave her her own little bindi? 🙂 i totes thought that was it was in the first place!

    and, your sweater is excellent! i so wish i could knit…


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