3 months old.

Today marks 3 months since a delicious little cupcake joined our lives on a blustery Christmas morning.  This little one has seen her fair share of snow in her mere 90 days of life (So glad I ended up choosing this one!).  But spring is here, and with it comes long walks to show her just how much she will love the great outdoors. 

Thus far, Dhara has been a pure delight.  She is so curious, she has quite the stare for pretty much everything she lays eyes on.  Her hand-eye coordination is picking up — with much wobbling, she’s able to purposely touch my face.  She holds her head up so high when she’s on her tummy.  She still has that bashful smile where she smiles and hides her face in your shoulder.  We think she’s going to be a calm one — not a crazy wild little beezer like I was.

She talks alot.  Lots of fake crying too.  I’m not sure what she’s thinking when she fake cries.  I wish I knew.  But it’s so fun to watch, because it sounds like she’s complaining about something.

Dhara has also recently noticed that she has hands.  She will accidentally see her hands, and then stare at them as she turns them back and forth.  She also loves to look in the mirror and see the other little baby girl staring right back at her.  She always seems so mezmerized by that girl.  She loves to smile and talk to her.  She doesn’t yet realize that the other baby girl is her.  It’s the sweetest thing to see!

She likes to stand on her feet.  She also likes to put her fists in her mouth — a habit we are trying to get rid of!  She enjoys licking your face and eating your nose if she can catch it in time before you move it away.

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  1. Nice to see you and baby Dhara in a picture together! And totally random, but I do like the yellow sweater. 🙂


  2. thanks faith! It’s hard when you’re the one behind the camera most of the time! and, it’s actually a shirt. 🙂


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