give-away! kimono top in 70’s wallpaper print.

Anyone is welcome to enter!  To win this baby kimono top in a whimsy 70’s wallpaper print [handmade by me], here’s how you can enter:

Leave a comment on my blog stating your favorite springtime activity.

Those overseas are also welcome to join!  The contest ends this Friday, April 16th (midnight) and I’ll announce the winner, chosen through a random generator, the following day!

Note: This kimono top is gender neutral, so whether you have a baby boy or girl, it will be a sweet little addition to their wardrobe.  Don’t have a little one?  This would also make a darling gift!

Sewn with attention to detail, kimono tops are made with 100% clean cotton.  Ties on outside and inside.  Tops come in sizes 0-3 months, 3-6 months, and 6-12 months.  Please let me know your size preference when you leave your comment.  Thanks!

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  1. oooh pick me! pick me!

    favorite spring time activity? hmmm… berry picking. haven’t done it yet, but planning to because i think john will get a real kick out of it! 🙂


  2. Susan, that kimono is beautiful!! I so want it! Since we’re having a delivery surprise at the end of May then I think a 3-6 month or a 6-12 month would be perfect. Surprise me! 😉

    We love to go for family strolls in the early evenings here. The mosquitos aren’t biting yet but the cool breeze makes the sun bearable. The kids love to run ahead and pick flowers and James and I love to linger behind. 🙂


  3. I am glad the cotton is clean! 😉

    6-12 months.

    taking bambinos to the park.


  4. Well I guess I better join the baby couture lottery, my favorite is watching J mow acres of lawn while I sit idly sipping something sparkling. Ha, j/k I love walking through freshly mowed grass around the pond.
    Size: 6-12 months.


  5. At the top of my list is packing up the kids and heading to the seashore! Breezy salty winds, splashing waves and warm sand on my feet – ah the bliss! A million miles away from the winter and cold…

    And whether I win or not, I will take one in size 6-12 months, one in 3T and one in 5T and I will also take that little model baby in your photographs too, thank you very much! 🙂


  6. I love going to the beach or our new favorite SeaWorld (only cuz we live in orlando) I’ll take the 3-6m if I win, it won’t fit Lydia but it would fit her little brother coming in August.


  7. Oh my…… favorite spring activity would have to be getting up in the early morning to the fresh new life that is growning all around me ..Spring is the time of rebirth and fresh starts. I love this season.

    P.S. I just love following this little family..


  8. Hola chica! I want to win for a friend! 🙂 My favorite Spring time acitivity is to walk around DC and see the beauty that God has made before it gets too humid. 🙂


  9. springtime activity, hmmm.. well here are a number, leaving the doors and windows open to enjoy the warm sunshine & cool breeze typical to MN, watching the goobers run in and out of the house with lots of play ideas and an everchanging wardrobe, planting, and strawberries.

    And I stand with O. Bec…a 3-6 month, 3T, and 5T. 🙂

    I’m hoping to see an etsy shop sometime soon. Keep us posted.


  10. my favorite spring time activity is enjoying the great outdoors by taking a stroll at dusk, going on a run, or riding my bike. 6-12 months, thanks 🙂


  11. Susan, I enjoy playing extremely muddy games of football, in all kinds of weather!

    I’d like the 6-12 months.



  12. I like sitting with baby at the kitchen table and doing my homework. She is very good at Java programming.

    I would like 20-25 years.


  13. Ok then, I’m going to play too. Baby really likes Zuma Aunty over Josh Uncle. Favorite spring time activity: jogging outside at night and busting moves to my ipod when nobody can see me.


  14. Pam T. gets the 14th entry!


  15. Feeling the cold dirt under my toes as I plan and prepare for the years organic vegie garden:)


  16. favorite springtime activity = playing sports and doing hobbies


  17. well, I know I am late at this, but I would say my fav. activity with my little ones is starting up the veggie garden on our deck. They really enjoy the clean up time after with the garden hose.:), that’s how we have been welcoming the spring for the past couple of years…
    I love your handywork, think it is very cute esp. on your little precious..:)
    God bless


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