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For the past couple weeks I’ve been egg hunting.  And I don’t mean Easter egg hunting.  I’ve been looking for a local farm that sells fresh eggs (and raw milk!).  It’s simply amazing what having a baby can do to you, because you tend to only want the most natural foods, clothes, skincare and toys for your little person.  So I started calling local farms in my county.  The only farm I didn’t call was the one in our neck of the woods.  We actually live in their woods and on their land.  So I called them up today and found out they don’t sell fresh eggs or raw milk.  But, they have an employee that sells fresh eggs.  So I called Silka — is her name, and will be meeting her at the farm down the street to pick up 2 dozen fresh eggs every couple weeks.

For raw milk, it just so happens that raw milk is illegal in my state.  You have to be on the “in” with a local dairy farmer for raw milk.  I’m certainly not in any “in” group, so the nearby South Mountain Creamery (a milk delivery service!) is my next best bet.  They sell the closest (grass fed, hormone free, unhomogenized) to raw milk that you can get.  They also sell local honey, fresh butter, granola, fresh yogurt, cheeses, and pasture raised beef, pork, and lamb.  And the best part is they deliver for a really small fee of $3.75 for any sized order.  They deliver your standing order on a weekly, biweekly, or once a month basis — whichever you prefer.  I just placed an order for fresh milk, butter, and whole grain bread.  Can you tell how excited I am right now? : )

In Real Food for Mother and Baby, the author emphasizes the need for real milk (and real eggs):

  • Real milk is from grass-fed cows
  • Real milk comes from cows that are not treated with hormones
  • Real milk is raw
  • Real milk is not homogenized
  • Real milk is whole milk

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