4 months old.

The little girlie babe is 4 months old.  Oh, the things I love…love…love about her…  She gives me open-mouth slobbery kisses on my cheeks all the time.  She loves it when I kiss her everywhere…the look of enjoyment on her face is priceless.  She squeals at the top of her lungs when she’s happy and content.  She giggles more often now too.  I love to take naps with her.  Though, it’s harder to put her to sleep because she wants to be awake.  She can’t sleep until she holds onto the collar of my shirt or puts her little hand on my face — I know it’s because she wants to make sure I stay put while she sleeps.  She likes to sleep nose to nose.

Mornings with Dhara are delightful because she’s so alive and ready to live a new day.  I love to hold both her arms around my neck and pretend that she’s hugging me — she loves it too.  It’s so amazing how much this little one has touched my heart.  I can’t even begin to explain it.  God did such a good thing.  Oh, and she rolled over for the first time this past week!  From her stomach to her back.  She doesn’t even realize she’s doing it. : ) 

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  1. I heart her. I just wanna bite her chubby cheeks. but don’t worry, I shall restrain myself.


  2. ohmygoodness. soo cute and i shall not restrain myself when i see her!!! and bring the hair do-dads when you come over, i want to try them out on my little sugarplum.


  3. What a cutie! I enjoyed reading many of your posts last week. You’ve done a great job keeping your blog going with a baby – I need to learn to follow your example! We too did the Bradley classes and really think they were a big help in having Thomas! Its fun to read your posts as we’re both new to motherhood!


    1. Thank you Miriam! This thing called motherhood is definitely new and exciting territory!


  4. These pictures are wonderful! And when I make a trip to MD this summer, I expect you to loan me your sweet little baby (for just a little bit).

    And it looks like you’re getting close to harvesting some lettuce. What is the other thing — broccoli/cabbage?


    1. thanks faithy! I can loan you my baby if you loan me yours 🙂 Yes, it’s broccoli.


  5. deliciously good.


    1. deliciously so good 😉


  6. Lovely lovely. I’m so glad that you’ve got Montessori links on your blog. Nice to know I’m not the only green Christian who’s gone Raw! God bless!


    1. zoe, did you go to montessouri school? or will you be teaching at one when you move down here?


      1. I start the infant training (o-3) in San Diego this summer. I’ll do children’t house (ages 3-6) at Loyola in Columbia. Hopefully, I’ll see you then. Here’s another infant Montessori/Hand-made website for you:

      2. wow, that site zoe posted is pretty cool. the pics on there are so sharp and clear! i like.

    2. Yes, sewliberated is a great blog…I’m subscribed to it! I’m going to drill you on montessouri stuff when you get here 🙂


  7. the hair bands are the most cutest thing on the earth!!


  8. This is a great photo shoot! I especially like the 5th picture, very adorable. It’s what I call a ‘cheek splat’ when a baby rests their cheeks on something like that. The other pics are great too.


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