thank you.

Before Dhara was born, I picked out the birth announcement I wanted to use.  I knew I wanted to take photos of her in the hospital, and use one of those photos for the announcement.  Fast forward to the day of her birth, [by the way, I’ve procrastinated long enough, my belated birth story is still a work in progress, but is soon to be posted], — I was in labor for 24+ hours, had a third degree tear, and my baby was under light therapy for a few days for high levels of jaundice.

Being that I was hardly in any shape to do much photo-taking, I didn’t get to do my pretty little birth announcement.  So instead, I made personalized photo thank you cards for everyone who prepared Greg and I to be parents with everything we needed to take care of a baby and more!

I ended up using moo for the thank you cards because it was the most cost effective solution for 60 cards.  In addition to the thank you cards, I made some ministry/prayer cards with our family photo, contact info and blog on it.

Speaking of thank you’s, I got a great package in the mail today.  Well actually it was a package for Dhara.  A dear family friend of Greg’s, Jane, mailed Dhara a gift wrapped in brown paper.  If the gift is wrapped in brown paper, it’s gotta be good, right?!!  Upon opening it, I uncovered a very thoughtfully wonderful gift.  In it were 3 of the simplest toddler-sized salwars [ethnic Indian wear] made of fine cotton in crisp white, cream, and grey — they brought to mind the simple elegance of the young Indira Gandhi.  There was also a sweet bohemian Mexican dress, 2 folk cd’s for children, a stuffed animal, and an embroidered heart satchel.  I love gifts like this — ethnic, beautiful, and personal.

Jane, thank you for the lovely brown paper gift!  We loved it, even my mom, who oohhed and awwed over it! : )

I’ll leave you all with some folk songs off one of the albums that Jane got for Dhara.  The album is called “You are My Little Bird” by Elizabeth Mitchell, and I absolutely love all the songs on it!

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  1. love it.


  2. always a pleasure to read your writings Suzy-Q, thanks for the pics of dhara w/ my 3 little nieces, that was a yummy dish of my favorite kind of eye candy!


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