summer garden party – the to do list.

Below is a to-do list for the garden party next month.  I’ll cross things off as I get them done, and perhaps blog about my findings.  While I do want this party to be pretty and natural with earthily wonderful details and all, I do need to be realistic — which means having a realistic budget.  After brainstorming, and scavenging, I found that I can use alot of my own pieces for decor and serving ware.  But some things do need to be purchased, whether by checking out the local thrift/antique shops, yard sailing, or a great sale.

Garden Party To-Do List:

purchase whimsical invitations [from People St. Clair, 10 count for $15]

purchase 10-12 white paper lanterns [from Paper Lantern Store, 6 (12 inch) + 6 (20 inch) for $23]

sew handmade cloth napkins

find a fun project for mom + daughter, and make/purchase supplies

sew handmade bunting

purchase supplies for red velvet cupcakes in a jar [glass jars, baker’s twine, wooden spoons] [8 oz. glass jars from Walmart, 12 count for $8.  baker’s twine from Parcel + Paper, variety pack for $11.  wooden spoons from Greenware, 100 count for $6.49]

birthday cupcakes in place of birthday cake [georgetown cupcakes]

find a cupcake stand [from Crate + Barrel, used giftcard]

find pretty plates [from Crate + Barrel, used giftcard]

packet of seeds per guest w/ small potted plant per guest [terra cotta clay pots from Michael’s, for .89 cents each]

wildflowers [poppies, lavender, wild blue indigo, cornflower, daises, queen anne’s lace, blue sage]

vintage styled paper straws [from My Sweet Life, 25 count for $3]

sew a birthday gift for dhara — a handmade cloth doll

decor of my own: ironrod chandelier, polish serving plates, doilies, vintage tablecloths + dish towels, vases, hanging glass lanterns, farm house table (seats 12-14), chairs, fabric covered chairs, table for lemonade, cake stands, anthropologie plates + teacups, framed photos of our dear dhara

more inspiration for the inspired mind…

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  1. Sometimes I find it odd that you’re my sister – its a good thing..


  2. Oh, how lovely. However, I can’t imagine a summer garden parasol without pink parasols! 😉 I just got the latest issue of Victoria magazine a favorite when I was a girl wanting to be Anne of Green Gables. Anyways, it has some lovely lavender recipes that may be perfect for your garden party such as Lavender/Vinalla bean cookies and Lavender Lemonade. In any case, have fun.


    1. oh, yum…the lavender lemonade is on my list of recipes to try! and, didn’t we all want to be Anne? that spunky sprightly girl… 🙂


  3. i can’t wait to see pictures of the party!!


  4. purchase whimsical invitations

    >>you can’t make them? if not, i would highly suggest etsy 🙂

    sew handmade bunting

    >>there about a million online tutorials for these (everyone likes the birthday banner, these days!), and i new soulemama’s book has one.

    find a cupcake stand

    >> wilton has an excellent one for $10 that holds 12 i think. the more expensive one ($20?) holds… 24? all of them are at michael’s or … the other one. oh ac moore. in the baking section. mine is the smaller one and i’ve used it for 2 birthdays now, and LOVE how it comes apart easier to go back in the box.

    can’t wait to see how this comes together!! 🙂


    1. I ordered the invites off of etsy! love them!
      and yeah, the bunting…I see it everywhere! although, I am going to try my hand at the semi-circle pattern. I love soulemama’s books!
      I finally chose one from crate+barrel. I had a gift card and figured I’d use it for the cupcake stand since cupcakes and I will be joined together forever…till death do us part kinda thing, ya know? 🙂


  5. um. yeah. ok so i want cilantro seeds for anna’s pot, mint for lilia’s, and wildflowers should do nicely for elle.



    1. will do my dear cuz…will do… I think poppy seeds for elle would be nice, don’tcha think? i think those are my favorite flowers as of late…along with lavender.


  6. Where do you find these amazing pictures?!


    1. julia…i find the photos from the many design blogs I read and am inspired by…sooo many out there! 🙂


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