DIY sewing kit.

Lately I’ve been dreaming of having my own studio space.  A place I can call my own to design and craft to my heart’s content.  A place where I can organize my piles of Anna Maria Horner and Amy Butler fabrics, sewing notions, and pattern books on neat and tidy shelves.  A place where my sewing machines and serger can have permanent residence, instead of having to be moved to and fro.

Until that beautiful day, I’ve set up shop in my parent’s basement.  I also set up a small station in our bedroom for quick sewing projects — on a small vintage table that is painted blue — we found this table on the side of the road and welcomed it into our home to stay a while, or forever.  Above the table is a cork board for the things that inspire — postcards, love letters, stamps, photos of future projects.  Under the table is an old wooden wine crate filled with fabric.  Lately I’ve been on an assembly line bib craze.  [My sweet Dhara is a drool machine.  My sister and I joke that she should have been named Julie.  Then we could nickname her ‘Drooley Julie.’  How fitting would that be?  What’s funny is that we still call her that.]

I recently began looking for something to organize my sewing tools, so that I could neatly place them on my blue table.  I was perusing Etsy one day, and came across a sewing kit I loved.  It was made of an old mason jar, and it was filled with the most simplest everyday sewing tools.  The idea looked simply delightful and easy enough to create.  So create I did.  Here are the DIY instructions for a simple vintage styled sewing kit.  Note: For a simpler version, instead of using the antique Ball mason jars with zinc lids, you can use a current Ball canning jar.  The current jars, which you can get at Walmart, have lids that come in two pieces.  This way you don’t have to cut into a zinc lid.  Although, I do love the blue glass of my antique jar. : )

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  1. You probably know this magazine, but it’s given me lots of ideas for setting up my music/writing studio:


    1. my mother-in-law actually got me a where woman create magazine…it was wonderful…so many inspirational workspaces….


    2. zoe, you should post photos of your workspace! 🙂


      1. I still have to buy a writing desk. Besides, I’ve been so busy setting up my herb garden and prepping for San Diego!

    3. ZOE! Will you not be moving to Maryland later this summer to attend Loyola? I hope not! But that’s just me being selfish and wanting you here in Maryland…but California is great.


      1. Well, I was bent on Loyola until I started training yesterday. Montessori rocks!! I just might do both courses here. We’ll see.

  2. you guys are with your parents now, right? have you started looking for a place for you guys?

    also – love the “nook” in the bedroom. AND, so jealous of your serger! 🙂


    1. yeah, we are with the rents for the time being…we’ll probably be here until next summer before we start looking for a place…but oh just thinking about it gets me excited about my own space in general!


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