great grandparents rock.

How special are great grandparents?

Dhara has a great grandmother (Greg’s grandma), Granny Lanny, in Texas — who Dhara will meet for the first time next month!  And she also has a great grandpa and grandma (my grandparent’s) here in Maryland (photos below).  My grandparents come over almost every Monday evening to spend quality time with their great granddaughter.  It’s just so sweet to see them all spend time together — the older generation getting to know this little one, and this little one getting to be part of a rich Indian heritage as they talk to her in their native language, Malayalam.

They also share tidbits with Greg and I of what they believe about baby raising from their native motherland — some of which I believe are old wives-tales, but I love hearing them anyway.  For example, “kissing a baby’s cheeks will only make their cheeks get bigger.”  So not true.  I kiss my baby’s cheeks all day long, and her cheeks look the same to me.  : )

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  1. Hah, that second one with great great great grandma (as she likes to call herself) is funny!


  2. look at those chubs!! 🙂

    and where is her cloth diaper? :-p


    1. haha, well we are not exclusive cloth diaperers…at least not yet. I have not lost all hope! She was in cloth diapers almost all of last week! I realized I needed the right diaper cover…I went with Thirsties based on my friend’s recommendation…and I am really happy with them.

      does your son wear cloth diapers when you go out and about?


  3. sure does! night, day and everything in between 🙂 since birth!

    we did biodegradable disposables until 18 mo or so for nighttime and then i was like, why they heck am i doing this? (spending $$ for nighttime diapers). bought some pocket diapers and we’ve been great!


  4. where in TX? do let us know. maybe we can meet?


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