Oh boy, her naps are getting shorter these day.  It’s more about her laying on her back, holding her toes and swinging them back and forth as she babbles her baby talk.  While this is cuteness personified, I do love the time I get when she’s napping.  It’s my time to get my quiet time done, cross things off my to-do list, brainstorm projects, actually do these projects, talk to people on the phone, clean, grab a bite to eat, and read all my favorite blogs.

Guess it’s time to learn to do these things whilst she’s awake.

A pretty little moses basket, from Hoohobbers.  A gift from my sister.

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  1. finally, a post about this moses basket! i’ve been waiting for one of these! 🙂


    1. bec bec, dhara and I love that moses basket…thanks again! now we have to wait until the next baby to use it!!!


  2. i LOVE moses baskets! we have one too but MY kid would never sleep in it!

    what’s your secret? 🙂


    1. well, she only slept in it for naps during the first 3 months. we had to pile on blankets for her to sleep on, because it was too hard for her to sleep on…maybe that’s the secret?


  3. I love your moses basket! Beautiful!


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