baby smith handmade #3.

Project #3:  Waterproof Bibs.

It’s been some time since I last posted a Baby Smith Handmade project.  I’ve been on a bib rampage lately.  1) Because my baby’s alias is “Drooley Julie.”  2) Majority of bibs found in stores these days are worthless because once my baby soaks her bib, her clothes are most assuredly next in line to get wet.

So in answer to this problem, I marched myself to the fabric store, found some waterproof baby dry vinyl and sandwiched it in between a slice of lovely cotton fabric and a slice of cozy cotton flannel.  Greg added the snaps — which I like much better than velcro.  I love the finished product — so much cuter than store bought bibs if I don’t say so myself.  And waterproof!  I can’t fully explain it, but it really does feel good to see my baby wearing handmade.

Bib fronts, using cotton fabrics, among which are fabrics by Amy Butler and fabrics from my travels to India.

Bib backs, using flannel fabrics, among which are fabrics by the amazing Anna Maria Horner.

Miss Drooley Julie herself enjoying a laundry line of bibs hanging over her crib.

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  1. 1) CUTE!!

    2) for sale?

    c) what kind of vinyl? PUL? cuz i’ve been told you can only get it online…

    4) i TOTALLY prefer snaps to evil, evil velcro – how do you attack them?


    1. 1) thanks!
      2) will be soon…shhhh…I’ve been working on an etsy shop. 🙂
      3) it’s not PUL. It’s called baby dry vinyl…similar to what they use for changing pads.
      4) evil velcro! i have a bum genius CD with velcro and wish they came with snaps.


  2. i like dem’ der bibs. where i could i purchase a pair of dem’ der bibs? you should sell those to anthropologie, they would totally pick them up. holla for some dollas!


    1. funny… gave me a chuckle this morning


    2. sonylilly what are you doing up at 3:19am you ghetto-lovin talkin gal! 🙂 look who’s talking right?? lol.


    3. HAHA. Sony you is hilarious! When I read your comment I seriously thought there was a bib brand called “Dem’ Der Bibs”, and that you liked that brand better. Read your comment again and you’ll see what I’m talking about. So funny.


  3. Trail's Crafts June 23, 2010 at 3:55 am

    Great idea, making the bibs waterproof. My baby makes a mess when she eats, and sometimes the store bought bibs just don’t cut it…


    1. thanks! yeah, store bought bibs are pretty pitiful. there are waterproof bibs out there that you can buy…but those are not so pretty…


  4. Very nice! I made this little guy a knit one but not much in the way of waterproof. Have you tried oil cloth yet?


    1. knit as in yarn, or knit as in cotton knit fabric? Oil cloth is great, but very $$$ compared to vinyl. I’ve only seen one manufacturer that sells oil cloth patterns that I like, but again, it’s more pricey.. Would love to try it sometime though!


  5. Hey susan,

    I love Dhara, she such a smiley, friendly baby, I hope mine is the same way.


    1. aww Rebeca, thanks! she is a very happy, joyful and loving baby. I do pray that yours have pleasant temperment…pray for it now! greg and I prayed for dhara’s personality alot when she was in my tummy.


  6. these are just darling! what a lucky little girl 🙂 susan


  7. Very nice. I might enlist your advice for my class. I have to handmake and turn in a topponcino, 2 mobiles, a bib, 2 hand made toys, and a weaning table cloth by 26 July for 25% of my grade. I haven’t even bought a sewing machine yet!


  8. oh wow zoe! what fun! let me know if I can be of any help.. I have ideas for a mobile that I’ve been wanting to make lately..


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