5 months old.

A certain little sweet one turned five months old.  She’s very playful, and very friendly, and oh so cuddly.  For a chub, she’s not solid, but rather very soft and buttery.  She does this thing now where she bends backwards in your arms so she can see the sky.  I think she may be a dreamer, like me.  She smiles at us when we do silly things to make her laugh — I think she thinks that we’re cute for all the silly dancing and sounds we make for her.

She sits up high in her high chair like she’s ready to eat people food, banging the tray in front of her and loving the sound.  She’s waking up way before us and contently slapping each of our arms every morning to wake us up to her bright-eyed little face.  She enjoys Indian “guzzel” (classical) music.  : )  She enjoys high fives and hand shakes as well.  She’s rolling over and sitting up, with help of course.

And she continues to shriek her high pitched little shriek when she’s in a playful mood.  I just love her playful moods.  They make me smile and make me wish for another baby because my current baby is growing up way too fast!

lil + elle.

The cousins celebrated two birthdays last month.  Littles, Lilia + Elisabet, turned over another chapter of their lives as they respectively turned 3 and 1 years old.  A group of us headed to New Jersey for a fun weekend.  Some photos to highlight the weekend.