first plane ride.

She experienced her first plane ride en route to Texas.  We gave her a bottle going up so that her ears wouldn’t pop.  She slept a good 1.5 hours during the 3 hour flight, she laughed and played with strangers, read her favorite book, and ate some baby food during the flight.  She didn’t take a bottle going down, so she had some ear poppage which made her a little fussy.

Overall, she was a happy and pleasant baby during the whole experience and loved the grown-up feel of being at the airport in the early morning (6 AM), and being on a plane surrounded by so many new faces and new things to look at.

wearing her “going to market blouse.”  also, take notice of her new teeth.

brown bear, brown bear, what do you see?” by bill martin jr. + eric carle and a bottle of baby food (organic apples) from roots market.  she loves the book, and hates the baby food in a jar.  the look on her face after her first bite, “what is this stuff, old people food or something?”

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  1. a) just curious – are you guys still nursing? i only ask, because that made for happy boyo when we had to fly!

    and 2) we LOVE that book around here. actually, we love all things eric carle 🙂 i was sorely conflicted over whether to do eric carle baby stuff or noah’s ark. God won, but partly because the Eric Carle accessories/toys became super popular after john was born 🙂


  2. a) we are still nursing, but we also give formula. this is a whole other story, for a post in and of itself! 🙂 I actually was planning on nursing her on the plane, but funny thing is we were running to make the flight, made it, but we were the last ones on, so I got an aisle seat, and in the end did not feel comfortable to nurse her…and she was also too busy looking around to be under a nursing cover. 🙂 so a bottle it was.
    b) yeah, he’s fantastic, isn’t he? I love him too. i have a small collection of his books, but he has so many good ones…


    1. oh please post 🙂 i love those kinds of stories.

      and we have a small (but always growing) collection of eric carle board books. i really just love him 🙂


  3. Hey guys! I finally got to check out your blog and I love it! It was such a joy getting to meet you down in Wimberly, and feel as though the Lord will bless this new friendship and get to keep in contact with yall over the years. Who knows..maybe another time in Wimberly 🙂 Hope all is well back home on the east coast. Texas is still hot…but there’s nothing quite like these Texas thunderstorms 🙂 Hope to hear from you soon!


    1. oh emily! thanks for remembering our blog and stopping by! it was so awesome to meet you in Wimberly…I’m so glad that our paths crossed! and yes, let’s do keep in contact…I wandered over to your blog, and was so blessed by your blog posts…thank you for sharing what God has so evidently laid on your heart, it’s an encouragement to us readers! also, just want to let you know that if you ever come down to the maryland/dc area again, please let us know! (you could always stay with us!) love and blessings to you!


  4. faith robinson July 28, 2010 at 3:06 pm

    hi susan! i stumbled on your page via facebook. hope you guys are doing well! are y’all still in texas? it’d be sweet to catch up with ya if it’s anywhere near our parts. dhara is growing up! you guys look beautiful 🙂 i love reading your thoughts – your creativity and perspective is refreshing to take in…. blessings to all 3 of you!


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