sewing class.

I debated over it for a couple weeks and finally took the plunge.  I signed myself up for a sewing class ($60).  An online sewing class via the super crafty blog, Freckled Nest.  The class is called Home Ec and is taught by three fun and super creative gals, Leigh Ann, Rachel, and Courtney.  I love sewing and have been sewing for about 9 years now.  But I signed up for this refresher course because I’m interested in learning special sewing techniques and working on the 25 class projects — the initial projects being very easy — but the later projects being just up my alley.  (I’m really looking forward to the leather bag project!).  The projects also looked really fun and useful.  It’s neat because the class also has a private Flickr group so students can share photos of their finished work.

Today starts the first day of class and Rachel will be showing us two ways to sew cloth napkins.  Easy I know, but I’ve never used ricrac before, so this will be fun.  I hope to share projects on my blog as they are completed.

In terms of fabric and supplies for each one of these projects, I pretty much already have all the fabric and supplies I need in my stash, but I went to the fabric store yesterday to pick up the few items I didn’t have on hand for the first few assignments.

soft muslin, waffle cotton, and pillow ticking

I have a special place in my heart for cotton ribbon

blue striped linen

warm blue and mustard green ricrac

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  1. Looking forward to seeing your projects. If you learn to sew curtains, you should come visit me and help me come up with some pretty curtains for the girls’ room. Anyway—aren’t you overdue for a visit to the Ohio cousins?!! 🙂


  2. sister gayle, I WILL be learning how to sew curtains!!! 🙂
    my family and I are driving up to Ohio this weekend, but the curtain class is next week!

    haha. but I would love to help with some girly curtains next time I pay a visit to Ohio. see you this weekend!!


  3. See you in class! 😉 Their bib looks a whole lot better than the one I made for class!


    1. oh awesome! did you sign up for home ec? if so, let me know your flickr page so we can share photos of our projects!!!


      1. Yup, I signed up for home ec and am so psyched! I haven’t touched a sewing machine since I graduated. I’m zp76 on flickr. My photos are so unorganized at this stage…

    2. i am psyched that you are taking the class! i can now say I have a friend in home ec! 🙂 it makes it all the more fun…


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