peach picking.

Tis the season of peaches, and peach picking we went!  With my baby and sis in tow, we went down to the peach orchard to pick suncrest peaches for a cobbler I had in mind.  We invited my wedding photographer and friend, Chelsea — who recently moved to the area — and her two adorable daughters to join in the fun and beauty of peach picking.

There’s something so beautiful about just being in an orchard — gives you a small, small taste of what Eden could have been like.  The nice thing about this orchard is that you can pick and eat as you go.  The suncrest peaches were mouth wateringly juicy and so ready to eat.  Even Dhara got her fair share of peaches.

P.S.  The cobbler was amazing.

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  1. Is this in MD? Can I ask where? I’d love to pick peaches and can up some peach jelly/preserves!


    1. cd, yes, peach picking at larriland farm in woodbine, maryland! it’s a great place for all sorts of picking.


      1. Awesome!! That’s where I was thinking of heading!

  2. No pictures of the cobbler?


  3. awww, love them!! it was so fun!!! wish i could have made cobbler, too. thanks for inviting us along. we are FINALLY getting settled and we just now got internet in the house today, so i am feeling rather jolly and reconnected with society! need to have you all over SOON!


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