9 months old.

She’s 3 months away from being a whole year.  She laughs out loud, and she cries out loud.  She’s begun pointing — as in pointing at the random woman at the supermarket.  She waves hello, and waves goodbye.  She also shakes her finger at people as if to say, “no, no.”  She continues to be super playful.  When we say “no” to her, she puts her head on the ground, face down, and cries (I secretly think it’s adorable).  She’s phasing out of her signature army crawl, and has now begun crawling on her knees.

Dhara loves her yellow felt bird, which we endearingly call, “Birdie” — yes, like in the movie E.T.  We’ve even heard her say “Birdie” a few times.  She can crawl around with Birdie tightly gripped in her small hand for hours.  Sometimes if we don’t see her with it, we ask her, “Where’s Birdie?”, she’ll look around, and finally become distraught when she realizes she doesn’t have it.  It’s really just too cute.

She gives extravagant hugs, and a multitude of kisses.  Sometimes in the mornings she’ll give her daddy a kiss, and then turn over to me and give me a kiss — and then she’ll start all over again.  Oh Lord, may she always love extravagantly!

[I thought I would take these photos outside in the newly fall weather amidst the wildflowers, which as you can see are preparing for hibernation.]

vintage + thrifty finds.

mustard colored dinner plates, tureen, pie plate, lace-edged pillow cover, blue voile head scarf
brown piping, children’s sleep shirt pattern, vintage threads
my most favorite find


French Creek State Park, Pennsylvania

I didn’t get as many photos as I would have liked, but we had a splendid time camping with family and friends.  Fresh air and sleeping in a quiet forest really does the body good.  It was Dhara’s first ever camping trip.  She loved being outdoors surrounded by swaying trees and dropping acorns.  She (and I) especially loved being in the tent — rolling around to and fro, and hearing the voices of little girlies in the tent next door.  I on the other hand, loved making our little tent cozy and a sweet place to be.

rachel elisabeth.

She’s a very precious baby.  An-answer-to-prayer-baby.  A gift from the Holy One of Heaven baby.  It was pure bliss seeing my cousin tenderly caring for her little baby girl.  “She got her girl!”, as her sister would say enthusiastically.  She certainly got her girl — a dainty little thing.  So tiny, so perfect.  It really makes my heart smile when I think of my cousin Betty with a wee one.  It’s really how it should have always been.  As a child, I secretly envied the children of this special, special woman.  This woman, a story teller at heart.  This one who children love to be around because she just makes them feel, well, safe and loved.  Little Rachel is a blessed gal.

historic lewes.

singing happy birthday!

Oh gosh, it feels like I have quite a long backlog of posts to put up, but it’s really just a good few.  First off, we recently went to the beach to celebrate Greg’s mom’s birthday.  We spent her special day in the most loveliest of nearby towns, Historic Lewes, in Delaware.  Lewes is the first town in the first U.S. state of Delaware.  It was founded in 1631.

We had a great time touring shops — my favorite being the local fabric shop, the yarn shop, a quaint children’s toy store, and an awesome antique shop.  Also had lunch at the tasty Striper Bites Bistro.

We also drove through Shipcarpenter Square — an awesome, awesome neighborhood in downtown Lewes.  The idea behind this neighborhood was conceived in the 80’s by two men who decided they wanted to transport homes from all across the country dated between the 1700’s – 1800’s to this neighborhood.  Which means the neighborhood is filled with the most quaintest homes imaginable.  Just loved it!

cheese + fruit tray

dhara grinning big for her grandma smith

the aged cheddar + olive on a toasted baguette was the tastiest combination

grandmother with her granddaughter

absolutely love the homes in Shipcarpenter Square — this one has a lighthouse!

super old headstones

stopped in Ginger Moon yarn store

oh, how I love Rowan yarn

I got 2 skeins of the beautiful Loop-d-Loop Fern yarn to make dhara a cardigan…

…and a couple batik fabrics, an old fashioned fabric for a vintage reproduction quilt I have in mind, and some BIG ricrac

old school/retro tin doll houses

a card for grandma

The Very Hungry Caterpillar toy rattle and fabric version of the book for dhara from aunt beth

and this was also awaiting dhara at her grandma’s house…  a BIG BOOK version of “Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?”

fully equipped with leather toy animals for each animal represented in the book — can anyone say, awesome?

For mom’s birthday, we gifted her with a handmade ipad cover from an Etsy shop called Kimoley Bags.  Dhara gave her a copy of the children’s book, “41 Uses for a Grandma“, by Harriet Ziefert.  She loved both!  To top it off, Dad bought the tastiest carrot cake ever from a local restaurant!  It was oven warmed and oh so rich!  I wouldn’t mind a piece right about now.

here’s to happiness:

[not in any specific order or rank…]

1.  the millions of freckles on my husbands arms — I heart them

2.  the lovely saturday morning quiet as my husband and baby sleep next to each other, and I get some time to myself

3.  sun streams

4.  cold feet (literally) — autumn is so close!

5.  the crafting ideas that pop into my head every so often

6.  date nights

7.  a loving God who makes my heart full

8.  organization — hooray for my (work-in-progress) home planning binder

9.  clean closets

10.  being around college students

8 months old.

Our wee one is quickly growing up.  She’s in her eighth month and she’s in full baby swing.  She loves giving kisses — “ummas” in my native language of Malayalam.  She also greets most people by raising her arms/hands high up in the air — (signifying, “hallelujah!”) — it’s something my dear mom has been teaching her for a couple months now during family prayer, but Dhara has taken it to the next level and uses it as a greeting as well.

Baby talk is hilarious.  She rolls her tongue in the cutest manner when she talks — I wish I could do the same when I speak — it probably wouldn’t be as cute though. She says “mama” and “dada”, and she also says “bay bee” for baby.  My sister, Becky (aka Zuma), has sworn she’s heard the babers say “Bec-kee” on numerous occasions.  Other than those few words, the rest is a dialect I don’t understand, but truly wished I did.

She’s crawling all over the place.  I love seeing her on the kitchen floor — there’s just something so domestic about it — it warms my heart.  On the other hand, she loves licking the kitchen floor.  She’s pulling herself up these days — it started last week when she pulled herself up onto her first step — since then she’s been taking tiny cruiser footsteps along steps, couches, and coffee tables.

Dhara also seems to have formed preferences in the last month.  If she doesn’t want a bottle she’ll swat it away.  Or if she doesn’t want a bite of her mama’s sugar snap peas, she’ll swat it away and look intently to see your response to the food that just fell from the spoon because of her swat.  Hmmm…what to do, what to do.  How do you discipline an 8 month old?

As you can see, our baby discovered “the serious face.”  She’s been using it quite often in the last couple weeks.  Also, as a side note, the muumuu dress is from her Zuma Aunty.  I told Zuma it looks like a 70’s muumuu, but Zuma insisted she wear it for this shoot.  It makes her look like she should be on the old sitcom, Three’s Company.  Also, as another side note, it may look like my 8 month old baby is standing on a chair by herself, but what you can’t see is my sister waiting to catch her just on the other side.  : )