9 months old.

She’s 3 months away from being a whole year.  She laughs out loud, and she cries out loud.  She’s begun pointing — as in pointing at the random woman at the supermarket.  She waves hello, and waves goodbye.  She also shakes her finger at people as if to say, “no, no.”  She continues to be super playful.  When we say “no” to her, she puts her head on the ground, face down, and cries (I secretly think it’s adorable).  She’s phasing out of her signature army crawl, and has now begun crawling on her knees.

Dhara loves her yellow felt bird, which we endearingly call, “Birdie” — yes, like in the movie E.T.  We’ve even heard her say “Birdie” a few times.  She can crawl around with Birdie tightly gripped in her small hand for hours.  Sometimes if we don’t see her with it, we ask her, “Where’s Birdie?”, she’ll look around, and finally become distraught when she realizes she doesn’t have it.  It’s really just too cute.

She gives extravagant hugs, and a multitude of kisses.  Sometimes in the mornings she’ll give her daddy a kiss, and then turn over to me and give me a kiss — and then she’ll start all over again.  Oh Lord, may she always love extravagantly!

[I thought I would take these photos outside in the newly fall weather amidst the wildflowers, which as you can see are preparing for hibernation.]

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  1. what a cutie! you should have mentioned how she loves her Zumie Aunty. and how Zumie Aunty tries to save her from her papparazzi mother! 🙂


  2. oh susan – what a cutiepatootie :-p


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