mossy sweater.

This week I finally completed knitting a sweater I started back in the summertime during a trip to Texas.  In my opinion, it’s a huge accomplishment for me because I normally run to friends like Gifty or Lakshmi when it comes to reading a pattern, but I took the leap and battled it all on my own — buttonholes and everything.  I’m glad I did too because I realized it wasn’t so bad and that I was totally capable of working through a pattern — slowly, line by line.

I used Jolene Lye’s Mossy Sweater for Kids pattern in size 18 months found via Ravelry, my favorite pattern go-to website thanks to Mazhalai.  The sweater pattern was for a long sleeved pullover, but I decided it would be cuter if I kept it short sleeved so Dhara could wear a long sleeved onsie underneath.  I knit the sweater using Lion Brand’s Fisherman’s Wool in oatmeal — Fisherman’s Wool comes in the most loveliest of natural, earthy colors.  Love this stuff.  I also added a couple of woodsy tree-etched buttons to finish it off.

baby eyeing mama’s pattern drafting supplies

By the way, this size 18 month sweater fit my 10 month old baby just perfectly. : )

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  1. wow oh wow!! great job sus. it’s adorable and so is she!


  2. ok I am drooling over this one, absolutely gorgeous. (the sweater and the baby! ; )


  3. i was about to leave the same comment as becky and betty. lovely baby, lovely sweater!


  4. thanks ladies! 🙂


  5. lovely sweater and D looks fab in it!


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