design love: wren’s natural habitat.

I’m pretty particular when it comes to design, layouts, color, and texture.  Greg always says, “Susan knows what she wants.”  And I pretty much do most of the time.  It’s not hard for me to say yes or no when it comes to things pertaining to fabrics, furniture, home decor, etc. — those words actually come pretty quickly — to even a fault at times because sometimes it’s hard to find something I really like..

The design blog, Ohdeeoh, features real-life baby/kids rooms.  While many of them are nice — none of them ever strike me as, love.  But, they recently featured a baby/child’s room combo that I absolutely loved.

From the wood stained door molding to the vintage inspired linens, colors, and crib — this room is what I would like to call design candy of the tastiest kind.  It’s so cozy, sweet, simple and nostalgic of times gone by.


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  1. I really, really love that!


  2. ooooh what a perfect nursery….so absolutely right down to every detail.


  3. Thanks!


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