the martin family.

Meet the Martin’s.  Lina and I actually went to high school together.  We lost contact after graduation — that is until the Facebook generation and blogging came around.  It was so neat to reconnect and find out we both were married, her with a son, and me with a little one on the way.

Lina, a super crunchy hip mama, is an inspiration and testimony to God’s goodness. She recently had a home birth — a total inspiration!  I need pointers lady!  Brian and Lina have two beautiful boys, Johnny, and most recently, Joseph!  They really are the cutest little people.  Lina, thanks for allowing me to photograph your sweet little family and Baby Joseph’s baptism.

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  1. good job suz. i am so proud of you!!


  2. thank you so much susan, these are wonderful! and your little description made this mama’s day!


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