kimono sweater.

I must be on a roll or something.  It took me almost five months to finish the mossy sweater, but less than a month to finish this kimono sweater.  Knitting is really all I think about these days (not really, but alot of the time, yes).  I think I’m falling in love with reading patterns.  I never thought I’d say that.  : )

For this sweater I used Lion Brand Yarn’s Little Luxury Kimono pattern in size 18 months found via Ravelry.  I knit the sweater using Cascade Yarns 220 in black.  While knitting this sweater, I realized that I don’t enjoy knitting in pieces and then piecing everything together at the end.  Rather, I love knitting in the round so that the sweater is knit all in one piece — this method looks so much more seamless and professional.  I do love kimono sweaters though.  I love how this pattern has a tie that goes around the back and ties on the side — adds a more mature element to this baby sweater.  “Baby Sophisticate”, is what I’d like to call this one.

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