sandbox cardi.

I literally finished this sweater in 3 days.  I could have finished it in 1 day if I had the time.  I really can’t credit this speediness to becoming a quick knitter or anything because this pattern calls for thick yarn and thicker needles — thick yarn + thicker needles equal quicker projects.  I really enjoy this combination, always have since Gifty taught me to knit 10+ years ago.  It just feels so right in my hands.

For this sweater I used Lion Brand Yarn’s Sandbox Cardi + Hat pattern in size 9 months found via Ravelry.  I knit the sweater using Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick + Quick Yarn in butterscotch.  I just love the color!  I’ve always leaned towards the more bold and folksy colors.  Something else I love about this pattern are the two pocket slits on the front — the pockets end up being knitted on the inside.  They came out so cute and so ready for my baby girl’s little hands!

I added a funky element by sewing on faded green wooden buttons.  I really think if Anthropolgie made kid’s clothes, they would sell stuff like this.  : )  After knitting the sweater I realized I should have probably knit it in size 12 months. Unfortunately I listened to the reviews saying that this sweater comes out big.  It practically just fits Dhara (11 months) — but maybe not even that. : )  It actually looks like a thick knitted coat/jacket of some sort.  Really warm, and really cozy.

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  1. good gracious, you are on a roll.. i just picked up some yarn for a sweater for ezra. let’s hope he gets it before spring rolls through. however, we do live in MN, so…. there’s a chance. 🙂


    1. yeah, I’m on some sort of knitting high 🙂
      so what pattern will you be using? and are you on ravelry?


  2. How adorable! Ok ok .. the cardi is too ❤


    1. haha, yeah, the cardi is not as cute as her…I agree! 🙂


  3. I think I would not be any good at knitting, but I can admire the effort and definitely the outcome. good job!! Looks very good on the little model.

    And I also think that with all this knitting going on, perhaps Dhara needs a younger sibling to pass the goods down to!! yes indeed!!!


    1. I know, right?!?


  4. aweseome!

    sell. this. stuff. :-p


  5. I love this cardigan!! Love the color.


  6. Very nice! Would you mind sharing a post about your veggie garden and how you’re keeping it this winter? Hope all is well!


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