hello 2011.

I’m going to take a short break from the completion of my birth story and write up my New Year’s post — seven days late.  Boy, did December come and go so very fast with first, my little munchkin’s early birthday party, crafting, mailing off Christmas cards, time at the beach, knitting, Christmas (relishing in what Jesus came to do — what Christmas really is all about), more crafting, and finally New Year’s.

So much to post about, but I will begin by posting my New Year’s resolutions for this new year.  There’s something so refreshing about feeling like you are working on a new slate — a clean board — a second chance.  Now I don’t want to be legalistic about this list, rather, I do want them to guide my year.  Plus, I tried making sure to stick to things I feel like I can accomplish.  So here goes.

Now back to your regularly scheduled backlog of posts!  We ended up ordering our Christmas cards from — they have a myriad of shapes, sizes and modern designs.  I loved the simplicity and square shape of the template I ended up going with.  I also got an uber cool free calendar with my order.  The calendar is pretty awesome for being free — the photos ended up being so crisp, and the paper, a really good quality.
cards, envelopes + stamps
2011 photo calendar

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  1. Forgot to tell you how much I like the card – and the picture on the back is soooo GREAT – LOVE IT!!


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