baby smith handmade #5.

Project #5:  Eclectic First Christmas Stocking.

I’m long overdue on posting a Baby Smith Handmade project.  It was Dhara’s first (actually second) Christmas, so I wanted to make her something handmade that she would love as a child, and love even as an adult every time Christmas rolls around.  A stocking fit that bill.  I had three requirements.  1) I’m not big on Christmas fabric. 2) I want something heirloom + vintage quality.  And, 3) Simple, yet different and pretty.

I made the stocking at Greg’s parent’s home at the beach.  Actually, both Greg’s mom and myself made a stocking for Dhara.  We laid out all our supplies, fabrics, Ghinger scissors, and trims on the long dining table, and got to work drafting our patterns on newspaper and sewing away.  It was so relaxing chatting and watching the old-school black + white version of Miracle on 34th Street in the background.

The stocking I made is crafted of linen on the front and a good quality quilting weighted cotton on the back.  The front consists of swatches of Indian fabrics and some mustard green rick rack.  The 3 beautiful cream crocheted flowers are my mother-in-law’s handiwork — she makes these beautiful flowers.  I am determined to learn how to make them this year!  A garland project made of crocheted flowers has been dwelling on my mind.  The inside of the stocking is fully lined with quilting cotton.  The back of the stocking has a personal note to my Dhara Dear, which I embroidered.  The whole stocking, minus the personal note, probably took me around 3.5-4 hours to complete.

crocheted flowers by greg’s mom

embroidering personal note on back

back of stocking


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  1. I’m learning how to knit! My sister is having a baby (due this summer) and my goal is to get good enough at knitting so that by the fall and winter I can make some cute things like this gorgeous sweater of Dhara’s for my new niece or nephew.


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